Manage your Integrative Veterinary Medicine, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Complementary Therapies practice with iPoint Touch EHR Software!

iPoint Touch EHR is a complete, one-of-a-kind, systematic practice process for developing a thriving business that saves you time, promotes your professionalism, and serves your life. It transforms your business into the vision of your dreams.

Simply Your Practice Process

iPoint Touch EHR: A Personal Assistant On Your iPad.

Free yourself from the paperwork headache! With iPoint Touch EHR, administrative tasks take half the time. Get organized, spend less time on admin, reduce your stress, and go ride your own horse!

“I recently had my veterinary inspection and the veterinary board was very impressed with the detail and thoroughness of my iPoint Equine & Canine medical records reports. They even asked to use the one as a demonstration of what a medical record should include. I am happy to offer these unique reports to my clients to help them gain a better understanding of their animals Integrative Treatment.”

— Dr. Linnea T. DVM, CVSMT, CVA New Bern, NC

What You Get With iPoint Touch:

  • An award winning development team to keep your system on the cutting edge of electronic record keeping and innovative features added regularly.
  • Personalized Training to customize your system to insure it represents your personality, practice philosophies, and process needs.
  • Family owned business, that understands what you do and truly cares about your experience with our team and your practice success.
  • System design and development input is from practicing DVM’s, Animal Chiropractors & Acupuncturists, and Educators who teach and certify these modalities.

“I LOVE THIS SOFTWARE! It is Amazing!! Even a technophobe like me is figuring it out. I did 5 patients Tuesday then had a trial by fire with 9 patients in 3 hours on Thursday. EVERYONE got entered and reports sent to both the owners and the clinic right away! I’m working on getting the photos taken and have started dabbling with the invoice too. I am so happy with the program!!! Thank you!!”

— Dr. Valerie Wodack, DVM, Homestead Veterinary Spinal Care & Dentistry

Don’t Drown in Your Frustration

Regain focus and organize a clear system for your business with clarity, vision, and processes.

“I love the personal touch at iPoint Touch and the ownership that Carmi displays. It’s the one reason that I didn’t demo any other companies.”

— Bill Braudt, D.C.

Take Back Your Personal Time!

Watch this short video to learn how iPoint Touch can improve the efficiency of how you manage your Integrative Veterinary Medicine, Animal Chiropractic and Animal Acupuncture practice. 

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Integrative Complimentary Therapies Included:

  • Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture Medical & TCVM
  • Acupressure
  • Laser
  • TuiNa
  • Nutritional, Herbal /Botanical Therapy
  • PhysioTherapy/Rehabilitation
  • Exercise Videos & Home Care Instructions

We make moving your data simple and easy!

We know moving your data can feel overwhelming. We will help you switch to iPoint Touch EHR whether your practice is converting from paper records or from another practice management software system. We got this!

Reasons Doctors and Practitioners Choose iPoint Touch EHR System:

  1. Reduce Stress: by being more organized and reducing time spent on administrative tasks.
  2. Increased Revenue by 17-20%: due to less time doing paper work and more time for patient appointments.
  3. Elevated Customer Experience: increased perceived quality with detailed reports and customized invoicing.
  4. Increased Perception of Professionalism: among colleague veterinarians and practitioners.
  5. Access to Historical Data: With IPoint Touch EHR, users own the architectural software that their historical data resides on with a local installation on their computer. There is never a fear of having to download their patient data from someone’s data center.

Stay Connected Everywhere

Access Your Data From Anywhere!

With iPoint Touch EHR, 100% of your Integrative Animal Medicine practice and patient information is available and useable, even in rural areas without internet service (i.e. no Wi-Fi necessary).

iPoint Touch EHR utilizes the latest synchronization technology to provide you with 100% of your data completely offline, so you can be connected, even when you’re not.

iPoint Touch EHR is not just a cloud service. It’s what we refer to as a hybrid system—meaning it’s the best of both worlds. And better yet, you can use iPoint Touch on a PC, Mac, and iOS mobile devices.

iPoint Touch is Designed by Doctors and Practitioners Who Understand What You Need

Our software is designed by people who know and understand what you do — DVMs, Animal Chiropractors, Animal Acupuncturists, Practitioners of Complimentary Therapies and Educators who teach and certify these modalities.

“Having a reliable system for keeping reports on my small and large animal clients is so valuable. The diagrams, reports of findings, photos, and additional information to the client are so important and helpful. And sending these reports to the vets has been monumental in educating them about the benefits of chiropractic for animals. This is very critical in the importance of them knowing when to refer their clients for chiropractic care and offering that as an option as well as drugs and surgery.”

— Dr. Claudia Cottrell, DC, Animal Kingdom Chiropractic

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